small dog

Small Dogs


For Example:

Shih Tzu

Small Cavalier

Yorkshire Terrier


medium dog

Medium Dogs


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Cocker Spaniel

Large Cavalier


Border Terrier

large dog

Large Dogs


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Old English Sheepdog

Standard Poodle


Additional Services

Charged as double appointment

Pre-Groom de-matt - £5 - £10
Dependent on severity of matting

Neem Flea Bath and tropical flea treatment - £5
Free to new clients

Puppy Familiarisation - £15

Discounts & Promotions

  • A discount is available when more than one dog is groomed at the same address. This must be pre-booked in advance to allow enough time to be allocated.



Groom Dog

Before any grooming commences a full appraisal of the dog is carried out. This gives us the opportunity to identify any lumps, bumps, fleas, ticks, or skin conditions the dog may have. A check of ears, teeth, claws, and coat is also carried out. Our findings, if any, are discussed with the owner, prior to commencing grooming to ascertain the best way forward for the welfare of the dog.

If your pet suffers from any allergies or has special requirements, please ensure this is mentioned during our initial consultation.

We examine the ears to ensure they are free of wax and hair, and clean where necessary. Claws and dew claws are trimmed where needed to ensure ease of walking.

Teeth: where possible we will clean, but this depends on the temperament.

Bathing and Drying

We carry a specially selected supply of shampoo and conditioner. Supplied by one of the Country’s leading suppliers who research the best product for each breed and coat of dog.

The van is equipped with a hydro bath. This is far superior to a normal shower. The strength ensures the dogs coat is really clean, which aids towards a better groom. The hydro bath can also help older, infirm dogs, easing pain.

We do not use drying cabinets as these have found to cause distress. We do towel dry, followed by high velocity drying, which is adaptable to many different coat types.

Matted Coats

There are many breeds of dog with fur that often have matted coats. Everyday living can add to this, e.g. The coat getting wet can result in the matt’s tightening. Where possible we will use equipment and supplies to break open the matt. However, this can cause distress to the dog, and clipping may be the only option.

Prevention is the best defence against matting by regular brushing and combing of the full coat at home on a weekly basis.

Clipping & Scissoring

We carry a large selection of clipper blades and scissors to suit all types of coats depending on the cut required. Clipper blades cannot cut the skin. Once bathed and dry most dogs settle into be clipped.

It is not our practice to muzzle dogs.

A full groom normally takes 2 hours approximately.

Puppy Familiarisation

A general rule of thumb to start grooming is 16 weeks.

During the first grooming session the main idea is to familiarise puppies with the process and noises. The initial grooming experience can set the stage for how the dog will respond to be groomed for the rest of their life.

We offer patience, play and lots of cuddles to help them adapt to the noises and environment and look forward to returning.


Once the groom is complete we finish with a coat conditioning spray and a decorative bow. All our dogs go home with a cuddle and a doggy bag.

Dirty dog plus shower plus dryer plus cut and comb equals K9 Shine